Yearly Flyer

*There will be an increase for recycling this year. Recycling will be raised from $3.75 to $9.00 on your quarterly bill.  This will start on April 1, 2021.

Yard waste program begins Monday, April 5th and ends Friday, December 3rd.  Yard waste is picked up the same day as trash pickup.  ALL TRASH, RECYCLING AND YARD WASTE MUST BE OUT THE NIGHT BEFORE. We will no longer return on a different day because it was not out. 

** Leaves and grass must be bagged in paper bags only or put in cans or carts. 

** Cans larger than 32 Gallon or without handles will be left. 

** Please follow recommended weight on paper bags. Bags filled with dirt or sod or that are to heavy will not be picked up.

** Please place handle on yard waste carts towards road, opposite of the way recommended on the cart.


BRUSH:  No brush will be taken. The site we use will no longer accept it. Sticks only no larger than 2 inches in diameter.                                                                                     

FREEZE RECOMMENDATION: In early spring and late fall it’s recommended you put leaves in bags before putting in carts or cans.  Frozen leaves will not come out and will have to remain in your container until the following spring.

ATTENTION: If we are unable to find a drop off location for your trees this year we will not be able to take them. If we are able, it will be as follows: Christmas trees will be picked up the week of January 10, 2022 on your regular pickup day. This is for all customers.  Please do not set out until the night before and they cannot be accepted in plastic bags and no tinsel please.  THIS IS A ONE TIME PICKUP ONLY AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE! Check on Facebook, or call the office in December.

***The charge for yard waste is $95.00 for the season in bags.

*** A cart will be furnished for an additional $15.00 each year for your first one, each additional cart is $30.00.

Payment for yard waste must be paid at the beginning of the season (April 5th).  If you already have a cart and wish to continue send in your payment. If you no longer wish to continue this program call our office so we may pick up your container.

We thank all of our customers and look forward to another year of serving you.  Your business is greatly appreciated!